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Proverbs 14:4 | The Crib is Clean | Bible Verse Wallpapers

Bible Verse Lock Screen and Wallpaper

Thank you for checking out our Wisdom over Rubies Bible Study! We pray these lock screen and desktop monitor wallpaper designs are a blessing to you as you seek to commit God's word to memory. There is no better thing to meditate on than the word of God! 

In the Bible study guide for this verse (posted on Friday this week), you will find a verse map for this verse from Proverbs. We dive deep into the verse, work on committing the scripture to memory, find out what the keywords mean in their original language, let the Bible explain itself by referencing other verses, and then reflect on all we’ve learned about God and about ourselves. I hope you'll check back in and join us! Each week finishes with a few questions I am asking myself as I, Kelly, complete this study. Your reflections may be different, and that’s okay! If your reflections line up with what the Bible says elsewhere, you can rest assured that the Lord will speak to you through his word.

Press and hold on a phone, or right click on a computer, to save these Bible verse phone and desktop wallpapers featuring our verse of the week from Proverbs to help you meditate on Proverbs 13:7 as we study! We pray they are a blessing to you!

bible verse lockscreen proverbs 14 4

Bible Verse Wallpaper

Bible verse desktop wallpaper proverbs 14 4

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