Our Friend, Toni

Trials come in all sizes, from the smallest daily frustrations to great periods of suffering, when our only hope and comfort is in God.

In the fall of 2021, Toni Phillips was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. Doctors were not only amazed that she was walking, but also that she was still alive. To complicate the tenuous situation, Toni and her husband, Zach, were expecting their second child. Over the weeks that followed her diagnosis, Toni and Zach experienced a true miracle in God's healing as He worked powerfully in their lives through the prayers of thousands of believers in the community and around the world, as well as the doctors, nurses, and medical staff in Augusta, GA. After two 12-hour surgeries back to back, an emergency c-section, weeks of therapy, and many days in the NICU, Toni and their son, James, are home, healthy, and thriving. The verses in this set were a special source of strength and comfort for Toni during this season in her life, and we hope they will be an encouragement to you no matter what trials you may face.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Comfort In Trials verse card sets will be gifted to Toni and Zach to help with ongoing medical expenses.