Megan's Testimony

I was raised in a Christian home, so in many ways, Christ was a part of my life from day one. 

As a small child I had the idea that I was 'saved' but it wasn't until the age of 11 that I realized something was missing. During a summer camp chapel service I listened intently as the speaker recounted a compelling story of losing the chance to share his faith with a dying loved one, simply because he was too busy. I took the story to heart, and prayed intently to be a better follower of Christ because I wanted to be a blessing and help to those around me. But even after that prayer I still felt troubled. A simple truth suddenly occurred to me: I could not be a better follower of Christ, until I became one. I immediately prayed that Jesus would come into my life, and forgive me for all my wrongdoing. Though I was young, it seemed as though a weight had lifted, and my outlook became completely different. 

Ever since that day I have tried to make Christ the center of my life. As an adult I've had wonderful opportunities to help my church and a handful of other ministries with design needs. These projects are always a blessing to me because they provide a way for me to do more for Jesus, and with Grounded in Truth Company, I hope to continue that.